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Jewelry and the Art Nouveau Style, Time and Again, Entwined

Sweeping across Europe and America in the 18th and 19th centuries, the Industrial Revolution forged a path to a new world of possibilities. By the late 1800s, designers and artisans found a new freedom of expression that would appeal to minds ripe with the desire for change and innovation. Diverging from the accepted aesthetic norms of old-world ornamentation, the Art Nouveau movement was born of a marriage between the sumptuously wrought Victorian style and highly representational, streamlined modernism.

Often incorporating floral and faunal elements, Art Nouveau design is most notably recognized by its sinuous, curvilinear lines. Whether carved as details into the wainscoting of a 19th-century drawing-room, cast in bronze as the base of a stained-glass lamp, or delicately formed into a gold and gemstone necklace, these designs beckon the eye to follow. They entreat the viewer to participate in the serendipity and mystery of naturally occurring forms. By insinuating an aesthetic of ease, the Art Nouveau style inspires a feeling of rightness and belonging. It encourages an appreciation for the natural world and provides the viewer with an opportunity to comprehend and delight in its balanced complexity.

By the 1920s, the Art Nouveau style began to decline in popularity as the stronger, more rectilinear lines of Art-Deco forged their way into fashion. However, in the 1960s, soft flowing lines and floral designs resurfaced, and Art Nouveau enjoyed a brief reinterpretation through art and jewelry produced by yet another generation hungry for change. Once again, curvilinear elements and natural forms are proving their appeal, even in this highly technological age. Modern methods of design and production make the delicacy and fluidity of this unique style easily applied to contemporary jewelry.

Engagement rings and wedding rings of Art Nouveau motif have especially increased in popularity, with their romanticism lending itself well to the tenderness of these unions. It is this romanticism, and the pleasure of organic cohesion represented in this style, that captures the imagination. Like the sinuous forms within these designs, Art Nouveau will continually weave its way back into fashion. Its mystery and elegance will beckon to us, and we will follow.

White Sapphire Engagement Rings: Beauty and Strength

The engagement ring is not only something that will be treasured for many years to come, but it is symbolic of the love and commitment between a couple; a visible promise to each other to be devoted to in marriage. For such a special piece of jewelry, it has been typical to buy a diamond [...]

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Rose Gold Engagement Ring - Not Just a Trend

Rose gold has become a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings, and there are plenty of reasons for that. It has a gorgeously delicate feel, and its beautiful, pink hue perfectly captures the spirit of romantic love. Rose gold is not just a wedding ring trend. This stunning metal has huge appeal, and you will cherish [...]

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Should Your Wedding Band Match The Engagement Ring?

When you look down at your wedding band, you want to see a symbol of the love and commitment you and your partner share. Because of the significance of this to your union, it's important that the rings you choose are pieces you will cherish for many years to come.Does your wedding ring have to match [...]

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what is moissanite?

When shopping for engagement ring settings, a compromise between affordability, brilliance, and diamond size may lead to consideration of other gemstones. A Charles & Colvard Moissanite set presents a viable alternative to a real diamond. What is Moissanite? Where did the name Moissanite come from? First discovered in Canyon Diablo, Arizona in 1893 by Nobel Prize Chemist, French scientist Henri [...]

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How To Select The Right Ring To Match Her Style

Brides-to-be dream about dynamic diamonds, shimmer settings and more when it comes to their engagement rings. To choose the right ring to match her style, think about her daily activities and particular tastes. Not only do you want to select a style that makes her smile, but one that perfectly complements her personality. Here are a [...]

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 You've decided to propose and now it's time to find the perfect engagement ring. Certainly, you could walk into a local jewelry store and try to find the ring, but what about shopping for the engagement ring online? Here are 4 reasons to buy an engagement ring online.No pressureHave you ever tried to go into a [...]

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Do Wedding Bands Have to Match?

                                    Choosing wedding bands is a fun part of planning a wedding, but sometimes it does bring up questions. Engaged couples often wonder if wedding bands should match, and they may disagree on the answer. Here are some things to [...]

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Garnet - January birthstone

January birthday gemstone is the Garnet. This birthday gemstone signifies stability and it's all captured in an array of colors including its historically popular radiant red color scheme. This enchanting stone sat around the necks of Egyptian pharaohs, graced the hands of nobles and clergymen from the Middle Ages, and stamped important Roman documents. With [...]

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Holiday Season Proposal

Getting down on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring certainly holds its old-fashioned charm, but why not wrap your proposal up in a little more than a red bow this holiday season. Okay, so you do not have to do an engagement spin-off of Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation, writing her name in blinding Christmas [...]

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