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Mens wedding rings - Shopping Guide

One of the most important pieces of jewelry for a man is his wedding band. Choosing a band that matches his style will ensure that he will be comfortable wearing his ring. When shopping, keeping his personality in mind will allow you to choose a ring that is as unique as he is. If you're shopping for a matching set, you could choose a ring that will compliment yours while showcasing him as an individual.You have various options when it comes to shopping for men's band including the type of metal, shape, and detail. Consider the following options when shopping for your man's wedding band:

Type of Metal

Men's wedding rings are crafted from several metals such as gold, sterling silver, and platinum. The choices can be overwhelming but considering your man's lifestyle and type of work can narrow down the choice. These are more traditional metals and can be easily matched to a set. If you're looking for something more masculine, selecting an industrial metal like tungsten is the choice for you. Men and women alike may stay away from jewelry for health reasons, so platinum is a hypoallergenic metal for sensitive skin.

Different Shapes

There are variety of shapes to choose from when buying a wedding band. It is important to note that most men aren't accustomed to wearing jewelry. Going with a comfort-fit wedding band will minimize the contact between the band and skin. This will keep his hand from getting irritated by this new piece of daily wear. Half-round wedding rings fall in line with a more traditional style with a curved exterior. If you don't intend on embellishing his ring and keeping it simple - much like him - this is a good option. For the modern man, a pipe band features straight edges and a flat top. This style is more contemporary and paired with an industrial metal will create a unique effect.

Ocean Rock Ring


Most men will opt for a traditional, plan wedding band. However, there are options with diamonds and other stones for consideration. If your man is simple, maybe one small diamond will suit him. Embellish your man's ring with gemstones as colorful as he is by featuring a row of inlaid diamonds with your preferred stones. Some couples may choose to have matching wedding rings. Adding a row of diamonds that will compliment the bride's will make you feel closer than ever.

Details and Other Embellishments

For a man who is no fuss and laid back, forgoing additional details and sticking with a classic design is ideal. There are many options to personalize a man's ring without choosing a unique color or overloading it with gemstones. Men who enjoy the outdoors or are characteristically rugged, leaving rings behind, some bands feature leather braids, tribal designs or spinner functions.

Regardless of style and personality, there is a ring out there for every man. Remembering what he likes and what styles he gravitates towards will only further your success in finding the perfect ring. Start the married life off right by choosing a ring that represents him and celebrates your engagement.

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