4 Great Reasons to Buy Nature-Inspired Jewelry



Many of the things that human beings use to adorn themselves are nature-inspired you might wear a dress with a floral pattern or use a floral perfume. Jewelry can also be nature-inspired, even though it’s made of metal and precious stones. Whereas the flowers and leaves you see in nature are flimsy and fleeting, the flowers and leaves on jewelry are permanent and can symbolize your commitment to living in harmony with nature for all time.

Here are some great reasons why you might want to buy and wear nature-inspired jewelry:

It's the Perfect Gift
Flowers and plants are often used as gifts from one person to another. Your boyfriend or husband might bring you flowers when you’re going out on a date. People also give each other flowers on birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Instead of just giving flowers, though, you can extend the thought to jewelry in the shape of flowers. This makes a more permanent gift but still carries the beauty of natural forms.

It’s Unique
Another great reason why you might opt for nature-inspired jewelry is that it’s so unique. If you look at vintage jewelry patterns, you’ll find that they were often nature-inspired, in the form of flowers, vines, leaves and looping metallic shapes often seen in nature. Modern jewelry, however, tends to be more geometric and symmetrical. It’s more about the size of the stone rather than its beautiful setting. Instead of getting something geometric and modern-looking, you can make a style statement with a nature-inspired piece.

It Evokes Fantasy
Are you a closet Lord of the Rings fan? Do you love dressing up like Princess Arwen or Lady Galadriel? People who are fond of fantasy fiction have even been known to have fantasy-themed weddings, where all the guests are required to dress up like fantasy characters. If this describes you and your significant other, why not make this fantasy world a part of your daily life by exchanging nature-inspired wedding rings? It will make you feel a little bit like an elf wandering through the forest, even if you’re only going about your everyday chores.