Choosing wedding bands is a fun part of planning a wedding, but sometimes it does bring up questions. Engaged couples often wonder if wedding bands should match, and they may disagree on the answer. Here are some things to consider when determining whether or not you should buy matching wedding bands.


The argument for matching bands is that it is symbolic of the unity that accompanies a marriage. You and your partner are joining lives, and you can show that to the world by wearing matching rings.For many people, this is a romantic gesture that makes them feel even more solidified as a couple.


Some couples believe that the symbolism of simply wearing a wedding band is enough, so it doesn't matter if the bands match. The two people may have different styles and preferences, so each person chooses a piece that is personally meaningful.

Just as wedding band styles can be tremendously different, personal preferences can fall into a wide range of possibilities. One person in the relationship may prefer simple, understated jewelry while the other likes a flashy, showy look. One partner may be interested in contemporary designs, while the other wants something traditional.

When bands don't have to match, each partner is free to choose something personal.



Couples navigating this decision may find themselves entering into the first big compromise of their marriage. You can meet halfway by matching the basic elements of the ring but allowing the details to be different. 

  • Wear the same basic material. 
  • Choose white gold, yellow gold or platinum. 
  • Wear the same style. For example, both bands could have diamonds embedded in the front, but one could have larger stones. 
  • Wear the same stone. Choose a Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire or other stone that suits both people. 
  • Wear the same symbol. Many wedding rings feature a symbol like a Celtic knot, a cross or interwoven hearts. 
  • Find a symbol that represents you and your partner. 

You can also compromise by having each person wear a ring with an element that celebrates the other. Partners might each wear each other's birthstone or a ring with the other's name engraved on it. Wedding rings are a tangible representation of the love you share and the choice to unite your lives. Whether the rings match perfectly, have some elements in common or aren't similar at all, the important part is that they speak to the commitment you have made to each other.