Should Your Wedding Band Match The Engagement Ring?


When you look down at your wedding band, you want to see a symbol of the love and commitment you and your partner share. Because of the significance of this to your union, it's important that the rings you choose are pieces you will cherish for many years to come.

Does your wedding ring have to match your engagement ring? The answer to that is entirely up to you.

Stack It
One very common way of adding a wedding band to a traditional engagement ring is to purchase a wedding band in the same material as the ring. Place your wedding band on the bottom, closest to your heart, and your engagement ring on top. Usually, in this case, the materials match. However, you could also put two very unlikely rings together and make something beautiful.

Try placing your engagement ring next to some wedding bands in different materials or colors. If you find a combination you like, you should absolutely go for it.

Wrap It
You can buy wedding and engagement rings in sets that were made specifically to match. With these styles, the engagement ring stands alone until you are married. The matching band is then wrapped around the engagement ring. These sets can usually be permanently attached after you are married.

Create It
Another option is to have a wedding ring made to fit your engagement ring. This would be a custom piece that is unique to you. Again, you can have the two rings soldered together after the wedding.

Move It
What happens if you fall in love with a wedding ring that is a complete mismatch to your engagement ring? Or what if you decide that you and your partner will wear matching rings that don't go with your engagement ring?

Many people simply move the engagement ring to the right hand before the wedding ceremony. You will wear your wedding ring on your left hand, and you can choose to either put your engagement ring away or continue to wear it on your right hand.

When it comes to wedding rings, the only rule is that you and your partner should be happy with your choices. Most people choose to have matching wedding and engagement rings, but it's not a requirement.

Take some time to consider what best represents your love for your partner, and then make the choice that brings you joy.

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