Engagement Rings for Medical Professionals

Working in the medical profession is demanding, relying heavily on the use of active healing hands to complete tasks throughout the day. When shopping for the ultimate engagement ring it’s important to consider a low-profile setting, ensuring the ability to wear your ring without fear of damage. You might think it’s easy enough to remove your ring when needed, but this is a risky practice, and most rings are lost or misplaced this way. The safest place for your striking engagement ring is proudly worn on your finger. 

At LilPetite jewelry, we design and create low-setting rings. This is the esthetic that we love. Low-profile engagement rings are also practical for professions that require wearing medical gloves  Choose the best setting for comfort and safety without sacrificing beauty and individual style

Modern Bezel Setting and Alternative Halo Low Profile Setting

Bezel-set engagement rings are ideal for active women in all professions. The versatile setting emphasizes any size diamond from classic round cut to unique marquise. This modern style is dazzling, and alluring and ensures the diamond is firmly secured and well protected. A Bezel setting surrounds the gem, a partial bezel setting leaves the sides exposed. A Bezel-set engagement ring is a stunning design choice, with the added benefit of a snag-free application of gloves. 

Eye-Catching Prong Setting

A Prong setting is a popular choice for engagement rings allowing light to accent the brilliant gem, however, it may be problematic for active hands. Pointed prongs can catch on clothing and other fabrics creating a loose setting or lost gem. If you have your heart set on a prong design, not to worry! Opt for a low setting with flat or rounded prongs to ensure the smoothest surface possible.

At LilPetite we are here to help you celebrate your journey and love a unique engagement ring that fits your profession and lifestyle. Feel free to contact us with any question you may have. We are always happy to help you fine the perfect ring!