About Us

At LilPetite we help celebrate the treasured moments and milestones in our customers' lives. By Providing unique, personalized jewelry expertly crafted. Each piece is designed and handmade in Toronto. With attention to the smallest detail, our goal is to create each jewelry piece with substance and significance.

Adventure Ready

LilPetite was daydreamed by Efrat Deutsch, a trained goldsmith, 3D model designer and a Bachelor of Jewelry Design. 

LilPetite was born out of a desire to create powerful pieces, rich with symbolism. Given a unique narrative by the person it adorns.

Made With Love - Future Heirlooms 

Each piece is mused and made in our jewelry studio from ethical materials and consciously-sourced gemstones. We use traditional & modern jewelry techniques; the attention given to each piece is allowing the most refined precision in every aspect. 

The result is a beautiful jewel that will be treasured now and always.

We would be honored to work with your to create your forever piece


At LilPetite, we see jewelry as a meaningful symbol of what matters most to you. We are committed to creating beautiful pieces and practicing Sustainable & Ethical Jewelry. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and made in Toronto, Canada.