When an engagement occurs, everyone wants to see the ring first. It seems that seeing the ring is almost as important as hearing the story of how the question was popped! Engagement rings have historically been very symbolic so it only seems fitting that when it is time to pick a ring, the ring you pick should have some personal symbolism too!Circles are endless and the ring finger contains a vein that connects directly to the heart. These things both symbolize the love and commitment that two people share for each other when they enter into an engagement. But these symbols are universal. While they are undoubtedly important in any engagement, personalizing your ring to bring an even more unique quality to it makes it even more special. And there are many ways to do this! Our rings can be personalized a few different ways, to make them as special as they can be for you and your fianc'e.If you two are environmentally aware, you can incorporate a fundamental moral value into an engagement ring as a truly romantic gesture. It shows that you two will stay true to your morals and yourselves even as you begin a new life together. Another way to personalize an engagement ring is to engrave it. Engravings can be dates or phrases, such as the day you first laid eyes on each other or your favorite inside joke or nickname.This is a thoughtful gesture and gives your fiancee a piece of you to carry around with them on their ring. No matter how you choose to personalize your engagement ring, the extra effort is sure to be extremely meaningful to your love. Give her a little something extra to show off when she's holding her left hand out for all to see! Contact us for more information on how you can customize your engagement ring.