Princess Cut Diamonds - Iconic Sparkle

The mesmerizing gleam of the Princess cut with geometric contours, and unique pyramid profile makes this cut especially appealing for those with a keen eye for design. The square beveled composition with sharp modern lines lends itself to a range of settings. The solitaire setting highlights a single gem placing focus on the form and brilliance of the princess cut diamond, while the intricate details of vintage-inspired settings are enhanced by the continuous lines of this stunning princess cut.
Princess Cut Diamonds -  Iconic Sparkle 
princess cut cluster ring
Often the Princess cut diamond will be lower in price than a round cut of equal weight simply because the princess cut retains a high percentage of the raw material with little waste. In turn, this creates a greater yield for the diamond cutter remaining a favorite for this reason.
princess cut twig ring 
Ultimately the choice of diamond, cut, and setting will depend on personal taste. The Princess cut Diamond is one of the most versatile and visually striking for those truly passionate about symmetry and design.
black diamond princess cut twig