Our jewelry is made ethically & responsibly in Toronto, Canada. All diamonds, gemstones, and materials used by LilPetite are strictly chosen to ensure they are ethically sourced. We're committed to providing recycled Platinum and Gold and practice responsible jewelry practice.


Each piece is designed and created by Efrat Deutsch from wax or a 3D model. Our jewelry is made locally and Individually crafted just for you with great care. The attention given to each piece of jewelry allows the most refined precision in every aspect. 

The result is a beautiful piece made with traditional & modern jewelry techniques to be cherished now and always.

Diamond & Gems

We only use conflict-free, ethically, and sustainably sourced diamonds, gemstones and pearls. We obtain our gems through our highly regarded network of local gemstone suppliers. We like to work with small suppliers because they run a small family business and work within strict ethical and sustainability guidelines, which are in line with our brand spirit and transparent production.